Saturday, March 10, 2012

Earn money through your Blog:

Now a days Blogging is one of the hobbies of most internet user. This is one of the most special and attractive  way of expressing and communicating with other people around the world. You can choose blogging as your own social media. You can attract people with your blog by expressing what’s on your mind. It’s that easy. According to its helpful activity and consequences, setting up a blog is so easy that you can make one in second.
Don’t think this is  just joking . I’m not hired or forced to advertise about blog. Right now you are also in my blog. I love blogging and I found it to be the most special and powerful way of attracting, communicating with people and expressing everything in my mind. I think you would like it, too. That’s why I suggest everyone not just to create a blog but also to be active in it.
Manage some times for your blog. If you have no time for something that doesn’t generate money, then it is OK. Your blog can even generate money for you. Yes, most of the people love gardening. They can earn money by selling the flowers boomed into their gardens if they want to generate money from it. In the same way, you can do it too. Your blog can be a money-maker. If you don’t believe, let’s have a look over these ways of earning money from your very personal blogs.
Affiliate Networks:
This is something you can earn from. Put some advertises on your blog’s sidebar. It’s not really called advertise, it is like you are suggesting your people to buy or to sign up for something. You can earn a commission from that product. Your commission will be given according to the buyers/customers they gain from your blog.
This is the most preferred and most used way of earning money online. You can put third-party ads on your site, and adsense will count the “unique and real-users’ clicks” on those ads. The more people click on those ads shown in your site, the more money adsense will give you. This way of earning online through a blog or website is called Pay Per Click method. You can have more options on this method of earning by choosing different companies like AdBrite, BidVertiser (Recommended) etc.
Above-mentioned are the most preferred and most used methods of earning money from very own and personal blogs. If you have creativity in your [English] writing, then you can go furthermore for more. Here goes another industry of earning money online.

Pay Per Post:
PPP is the most special, most popular and the most preferred recommended company in the marketplace of earning money online by writing sponsored posts formally called “Sponsored Reviews”. All you need to have is, a own unique blog with your own-written posts. If you know better blogging, then you are recommended to buy a domain and hosting for your blog because advertisers are less interested in paying for reviews in order to publish them in a free blogging platform just like blogspot, bravenet or something like that. Note: is not allowed at all. Because earning money from your blog goes against the terms and conditions of their blogging platfrom provided for free.
You can earn at least $5 per each review. You blog needs to be 3 months old and at least 20 articles published written in clear English language. Among them, 10 articles should be written in past 30 days from the day of submitting blog for approvement. For more information, visit their website. Their URL is .
What I’ve written in this post is known to almost everybody in the online world. Yet I’ve written them. I’ve represented the usage of blog in the most common and popular way. I don’t think you should “blog for money” only. Indeed, I don’t blog for money only. If you believe, I haven’t earned a penny yet from my blogs although I have been spending times behind it. I have a passion of blogging and I’m working to meet this passion with a sort of profession in the near future. Blogging can be a profession but it is not recommended. Take it as an optional way of income. You can set-up your blog to express yourself. You can market your blog through social medias like and others. In this way, your blog can be popular and you can start earning money from it. It is usually called Auto-Pilot method of earning money online.


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