Monday, March 26, 2012

Simple Heath Tips for Busy Person

Are you a very busy person? Don’t have enough time to take care of your health. Just because of being busy you are not take caring  your health as it should be! That’s why here is some simple health tips that you can follow even in your busiest day!
• Drink Water: Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Water will clean up your body from toxins and protect cells from being damaged. 
• Breakfast: Take your breakfast every day. Because if you do not take your breakfast it will let your blood glucose down then you will feel weak and hungry all the time. A good breakfast contains of protein, not carbohydrate. It makes your appetite controlled without requiring you to feel less energy when you do your activities.
• Snacks Habit: Whenever you take snacks try to choose the healthy one. Avoid snacks that could make you fat and addicted, such as ice cream and potato chips. It will be great for your health if you take fresh fruits, juice, healthy vegetables as your snacks. 
• Don’t Take Fast Food at Regular Basis: Fast food doesn’t have enough nutrition for your health. Try to avoid it if you can.
• Sports Habit: This is the most difficult task for busy person. Don’t worry! you can start your simple sport with using stairs in your office or bicycling at your work.
• Stop Smoking: Smoking is a very bad habit for health. I don’t think you need more explanation why? Smoking will damage your organs and shorten your life.
• Stabilize your Emotion: How busy you are or how difficult your job is, always try to stabilize your emotion. Don’t let yourself get angry easily or stressed because of your jobs. Whatever you achieve will not be valuable without your health. So, take care of your health and be happy.

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