Saturday, April 28, 2012

Health Tips

Weight Lifting Complete Guide
by Josh
A guide to weight lifting, stretching, diet, and cardio for building muscle and losing fat. Learn how to put a complete weight lifting program together.  The best exercises, the best foods, and the best cardio to do for muscle  building and fat loss are discussed.

170 Green Living Tips
by Arvid Linde

A comprehensive collection of green living tips. Are you ready to do something good for the planet? If so, you will have to change the way you think and form a new level of perception. You’ll see that living green can be fun! The green living tips are sorted by the category and numbered so that you can refer to them easier.The main categories include Green Tips for the House; Healthy Tips for you and Your Family; Gardening Tips for the Green Fingers and Green Motoring and Transport Tips among others. It also includes the Myth Busting chapter where the author deals of the misconceptions and the big No-Nos of green living.

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