Thursday, May 3, 2012

Education Books

Discover 100 Job Descriptions in Risk and Compliance Management and what it takes to get hired. Which factors matter: By George Lekatis

It is a great reference book, developed in 2010. Amont the contents are Risk Professionals, Compliance Professionals, Sarbanes Oxley Professionals, Basel ii Professionals, Solvency ii Professionals, Hedge Funds Professionals and Members of the Board of Directors

Being an Elementary School Teacher: Real World Tips and Stories from Working Teachers
By L.J. Urbano

Learn what it’s really like to be an elementary school teacher from 25 real working teachers. Inside you’ll find a summary of findings from our interviews with real elementary school teachers, practical tips and advice, the best and the worst parts of the job, words of inspiration balanced with cautionary notes, what teachers say about working with children, interacting with parents, standardized testing and full transcripts of all interviews.

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