Friday, March 23, 2012

News: Google is Going to Change its Algorithm Technique To provide Better Search Result-Alert for SEO Contents

The best search engine Google is going to use Algorithm technique for searching contents. Most of the Users love to use Google Search engine instead other search engine. Google always wanted to provide high quality search results to its users. For providing high quality results Google made some algorithms based on which the position of a website or blog will be set. For getting top of the list of Google search engine people did SEO for their web sites or Blog. Before elaborate about the topic, I would like give a simple idea on SEO for those, who did not have idea about SEO. SEO-Search Engine Optimization is a method used by many Company/people to optimize their web sites/pages or blog. Because most of the time users are interested about first page content that is provided by Google search engine.SEO giving a way so that search bots can easily crawl content from them. For example – Adding Meta Tags etc. For that reason many great content-full websites, Blogs are struggling to get traffic because they are not doing SEO. Though they do have great content. But just because of doing SEO to many web sites, Blogs they are getting more and more traffic because of Goggle search engine provide their pages, content at the top list of the search results. That’s why providing better search result in terms of good contents not SEO-Google is going to change their Algorithm technique. So that user can find great sites/blogs in-terms of content at the top of the search list.
So be careful ! Are you the one of them who are filling your Website or Blog with most searched keywords? If yes then your business is going to die soon. Hahaha….Because Google and user wants good content. So focus on content. Don’t waste your time on doing SEO research as algorithms keep changing and your black SEO techniques may hurt your business instead of helping it. So share this article to your Webmaster friends so they can know about it and prepare themselves. Here are some great tips for being Good Webmaster or Blogger that Google likes: 
  • Create unique content. Don’t search for keywords. Just write about the area where you have experience and you think that you can help others by providing information. 
  • As Search Engines keep changing their algorithms so any technique that is very useful today may become Black SEO tomorrow, this will hurt your rankings on Google search results if you did SEO.
  • Focus on content and your rankings will increase automatically!!!


  1. The goals sound good, but I am suspicious of what the actual outcome will be. Just how are they going to determine what "high quality" content is. I'm digging your post, but I'm not sure I agree with your position on this

    1. Quality content can me measured through many can be based on unique writing(Not just copy ...paste),it can be based on traffic,It can be depending on your traffic status, meaning if your traffic regularly comes from important sites that means your sites/blog is good enough for showing on the top of the Google search result......whatever it is my thought .....I know Google is more smarter then my thinking....!

    2. Whatever Google is doing is great...I support their activities on this issue. otherwise our blog will not be visible to anyone...unless we do SEO.


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