Sunday, March 18, 2012

Key Benefits of Green Tea

Tea is the most suitable drink to accompany your relaxed afternoon. Most of us even cannot imagine how much suitable it is for our health! So right now it is better for you to know more about green tea. There are so many benefits of tea. Eight of them are given below. Have a look on it… 
 • Tea conceives of antioxidants, which is good to protect your body from the environments pollution and prevent you from premature aging.
 • Tea is also has caffeine,but it is lower then cofee. That’s why, even if it is also has caffeine as the ingredients, tea won’t make you lose your drowsiness or headache. 
• It helps you to lowering down the risk of heart attack and stroke. 
• Like milk, tea is also gives strength to your bones. People who consume tea routinely will have bones that are more severe.

 • Tea is also good to whitening your teeth. You are better gargle with tea with no sugar after you brush your teeth. Tea has fluoride that protects you from tartar which is the first reason why your teeth seems dull.
 • Beside strengthen your bones, tea also strengthen your immune system
 • Tea is free from calorie! So if you are dieting don’t worry to about take a cup of tea. 
 • Last but not the list a cup of tea in everyday helps to lowering down the threat of cancer. There are several kinds of tea. In China you can find there green tea, blue tea, white tea, black tea, and yellow tea! The difference of all of them is seen from the way it processed. Green tea has more special benefits from other kinds of tea :
It helps you to decrease the stress level.
It prevents you from dense breath.
It is helpful for lowering down  the cholesterol level of human body.
It is helpful for losing weight.
It is helpful for  your liver and reduces the risk of hepatitis.
It reduces the risk of rheumatic.

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