Sunday, March 18, 2012

Prevent Yourself from Hair Fall

Now a day’s hair fall becomes a serious concern for both man and women. We know that our hair is falling out each day, but only in a normal amount. When hair fall started to surpass that normal amount, you can feel it yourself. Take a look after you have shampoo your hair, are the hair that falling to the floor getting more than usually? For another sign, check your pillow after you wake up from sleep. Watch how many hairs that lose when brush it with comb. Or simply, glance a moment to the floor when you walking. If it is happening to you right now, don’t worry. Let’s find out why could there be a hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by genetic. Unbalanced hormone is also takes effect. Beside if your scalp is not clean, or you contract anemia, or you just gave birth to your kid, it will effect to the hair loss as well.
How to handle the hair loss:

  •  Do not use shampoo every day.The ingredients of shampoo could be damaging to your hair. 
  • Wash your hair once for 2 or 3 days is enough. Use normal water for washing your hair because warm water will make your hair dry and fall off easily. Don’t use hairdryer too often to dry your hair. Heat can spur hair loss. 
  •  Do not use products that are not suitable for your hair and scalp condition. Use shampoo that is made special for those who have hair loss. Don’t forget to use conditioner too, it will help more. 
  •  Don’t brush your hair when it is wet. Choose brush’s shape which is fit for you hair’s types. 
  •  Eat healthy foods those contain high protein. Like carrot, fish, green vegetables. Beautiful hair will provide a very attractive appearance; take care immediately if there is something wrong with your hair.

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