Monday, March 2, 2015

How to download paid iOS apps for free from the App Store (Without Jailbreak)

Today I am going to show you how to download paid apps for free from the App Store just using Feature Points. This is not a hack, nor a jailbreak, no cheats it's Just FeaturePoints! 

How does Feature Points Works:

By using Feature Points you have to  download free apps from the app Store to earn points, and swap points for gift cards including iTunes, Amazon, Xbox and PayPal. It's like getting rewarded for doing an app's advertising!

1. From safari go to (use iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android)

2. Install Feature points (Your iDevice will now ask you to install a profile. This is endorsed by Apple, and is just used  to keep track of all the points you've earned.) 

3.For a referral code, enter  XQFAH6 & for that you will get 50 extra points! You only have one chance to do this, so spell it correctly. 

4. Now open the Feature points app & you are ready to start earning points. All you have  to do is download free apps/games from the app offer section. after downloading just open the app for 30 seconds, and complete any tutorials to get points towards an iTunes gift card. you can delete it right away after, if you don't like it.

In case  your app offer section doesn't offer enough points for downloading apps, you can use any VPN apps because Feature points offer more points for Canada, USA, UK citizens. But don't worry if you are not citizens of these country you can change your IP (Internet Protocol) at any time. For changing your IP  I recommend you to use these VPN apps from App Store :  F-secure Freedom or SurfEasy VPN I myself using Canadian IP for getting more points

5. As you can see Feature points is constantly adding new and exiting rewards. Currently they have a huge selection of paid apps,iTunes gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal Credits, iPad Mini and Much more.

6.  After accumulating enough Features Points Choose your own app. Feature Points will give you a Redeem Code (shown above). Select Add this app to your iTunes account & your desired app will start downloading automatically from the App Store. As you guys can see I have downloaded these apps by using feature Points. Believe me Feature Points really works. Good luck. 


  1. Thanks for Sharing such a great post. Feature points really works dude ...... :-)

    1. You are most welcome dear Morshed Mannan.I knew it because I have written this post after getting my Feature Points Reward. Keep using Feature Points.

  2. Wow....this method really works !!! Thanks you sooooooooo much.

    1. You are welcome & Keep using Feature Points. Best of Luck....

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