Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How to get free iTunes Gift Card

If you are looking to get free iTunes gift card you have just came to the right place. Today I will show you guys how to get free iTunes gift card by using a app called freemyapps.The process is very simple. I got my first $10 dollar iTunes gift card using freemyapps only four days. For doing that you don't need a jailbroken device or you have to hack anything. 

How does freemyapps Works:

By using freemyapps you have to  download sponsored apps from the app Store to earn credits, and swap credits for gift cards including iTunes, Amazon,Google Play gift card etc. It's like getting rewarded for doing an app's advertising! 

Requirements: Non Jailbroken iDevice,  iOS 6 or later, 


1. From safari go to or click here (by using iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android)

2. Your iDevice will now ask you to install a profile. Do it, it's verified. 

3. Now go to & you are ready to start earning credits. All you have  to do is download sponsored apps/games from the offer section. after downloading just open the app for 30 seconds, and complete any tutorials to get credits towards an iTunes gift card. you can delete it right away after, if you don't like it. freemyapps provides 100-200 credits usally for downloading an app.

4. You have to earn 3000 credits for getting $10 dollar iTunes gift card. For example, you can see the picture given above where I have earned 3000+ credits on freemyapps & then redeemed the$10 dollar gift card on iTunes. So don't be confused just try freemyapps. It really works.

Important : You must have a US iTunes account to earn credits from apps and to redeem iTunes gift cards. for more info you can always go to the facebook page of freeMyApps If you have any question regarding freemyapps feel free to comment below. 

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